Friday, March 16, 2012

what girls wont do

i have a hat i call my girl catcher . girls in texas , and i guess elsewhere, always fall for guys wearing a cowboy hat. i also had an ols work hat, cowboy hat , been wearing it for 19 years , dirty , hat band rotted away, all grungy and nasty looking. i really loved that hat.

im heading out to the bar , i take off my old hat put it on the desk and put on my girl catcher. gone to the bar for dinner.
come back a couple hours later, hang my girl catcher on the nail and go to bed., next morning i go to put on my work hat and cant find it. over the next few days a spend a few hours looking for the hat , it nowhere to be found. im starting to think maybe somebody came in my house and stole it. i have suspictions but no proof. i have been fighting with xgf for some time now and im thinking maaybe she would just cuz she knows how i love that old greasy hat.
a week or so goes by, i have a date , im on my way out to the date and decide i better get my penis pump ready just in case the new date wants to come to the farm. i open the desk drawer and no pump, its gone . the first thing out of my mouth was ,,that fing bitch ,, cuz i knew the xgf had taken the hat and the pump. as i was cussing i also had to laugh , dont ever think i thought she wasnt smart . lol , she had over a barrel now.
i went to the date, and took her antiuque shaopping instead of asking her to the farm. i also canceled 2 other dates as it was on friday and no way to replace the pump till monday or tuesday. i bet the xgf still luaghs about that.
kind of like when she contacted me with a different id and a pic of her sister, made a date with me 30 miles away, then drove by to see me sitting , waiting for the date that was really her . lol gotta give her credit, that was a classic. i should have known better. hell ive been on yahoo mesenger for over 10 years and i thought this was my first date from there . lol, silly me

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